Austin, Texas
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Create Lifetime "Inter"tainment company for family and friends.

Birthday Buffoonery

Goofy Games

Silly Songs   
Dizzy Dancing
Face Painting
Balloon Twsiting
& MORE!!!

Children's "Inter"tainment
& Enrichment.

We ONLY use Hypo-Allergic Face-Paints that readily comes off sensitive skin and all fabrics

Always a favorite with children are our balloon animals, silly hats, tickle swords, funny flowers, mice, cats, puppies & more.

Professor Pyckles is great for Birthday Parties, Family Re-Unions, Block Parties, Fundraisers, Hospitality Freebies or Company Picnics...wherever there are children between the ages 4-10 years.
You know them as Singing Telegrams

We call them S.M.I.R.K.S.
Something For Everyone!
Silly Memories Involving
Ridiculously Kind Smiles

Illa the Pink Gorilla will send your customized message with a bouquet of flowers or balloons. It'll be a birthday, retirement, graduation, promotion or just for fun gift that...They'll Never Forget.

Right on C.U.E.
(Community Unity Events)

Beyond the Celebrations!

Commercial Services

Dinner Theater
Event Management
Public Speaking Coach

We Provide Good Direction

Entertainment Company of the Year Recipient

CORI & Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certified

We Appreciate the Opportunity to Share in Your Day of Celebration!
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